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The Centre is a nodal Government agency that promotes resource Efficient and Cleaner Production. GCPC had played an active role in framing State Industrial Policy which includes CP. GCPC have conducted more than 200 orientation programmes and completed more than 100 demonstration projects.The centre has a team of experienced Chemical & Env. The centre has initiated innovative concepts like Development / Retrofitting of Eco (Green) Industrial Park, Industrial Symbiosis etc Dr.Irshad Ramay Coordinator, NCPC-F [email protected]: 4242 View Website 2014 - 2015 "Market Study for the development of a line of credit in the Energy Eficiency for Bandesal" 2014 - 2015 "Market Study for identification of EE technologies for USAID / Tetra Tech" 2015 "Market Study for the development of a credit line on energy efficiency and renewable energy for DAVIVIENDA" Ing. Il est l’un des outils qui rentre dans le cadre de la mise en œuvre de la politique nationale en matière de protection de l’environnement, notamment pour la réduction des formes de pollutions et de nuisances industrielles à la source et une utilisation écologiquement rationnelle des ressources naturelles (eau, énergie et matières premières). Aida Szilagyi , President [email protected] 40724528900 View Website The Mozambique National Cleaner Production Centre (MNCPC) was officially established in 2001, and operates as the executive arm of FEMA - Business Forum for the Environment, Under the policy advice component is the focal point of Ministry of Land, Environment and Rural Development (MITADER) and with the support of expertise from UNIDO and UNEPs RECP net.Yolanda Salazar de Tobar Executive Director [email protected] [email protected] 503 22643210; 503 22067201 View Website Le Centre National des Technologies de Production plus Propre "C. The centre offers service in the areas of RECP, Waste Management, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, and Sustainable Management.Nazirdjan Abidjanov Director of the Center [email protected]; [email protected]/fax( 99871) 129 99 59 work ( 99890) 953 66 53 mob View Website The Weitz Center for Sustainable Development is a world leader in capacity building for sustainable development.Our work is dedicated to fostering the efforts of international organizations, governments, communities, civil society and private sector organizations to achieve economic and social improvements worldwide. Adi Dishon Email Address: [email protected]: Number: 972-89474111 View Website STENUM Environmental Consultancy and Research Company has been specialising in consulting and supporting manufacturing companies of all sizes and in all sectors, public institutions and local authorities, and guiding them through the implementation of resource efficient and cleaner production Our services include carrying out material and energy flow analyses, implementing measures, carrying out research projects and training ( Johannes Fresner [email protected] View Website The Rwanda Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production Centre (RRECPC)’s mission is to promote RECP practices for production efficiency, environmental performance and the human development of Rwandan enterprises.

It is hosted by the CSIR on behalf of the Department of Trade and Industry (the dti). P jouera le rôle de coordinateur et de catalyseur d'un marché national de production propre. Fazia Dahlab Head of Department [email protected] View Website The NCSPC is a NGO established with the aim to promote eco-efficiency in particular RECP.This four years action (2013-2016) is jointly implemented by a consortium comprising OECD (lead partner), UNECE, UNEP and UNIDO.The UNIDO demonstration project supports in each of the six Ea P countries: the creation of human and institutional capacities for RECP; the demonstration, dissemination and replication of RECP in priority sectors (chemicals, food and construction materials); and transfer of and investment in RECP technologies.The various achievements by the Centre include; 5 sector specific manuals (sectors; fish, Dairy, Textile, Tea and sugar) have been developed to guide the implementation of RECP in other enterprises, over 140 enterprises have been trained in RECP, in-depth assessments have been conducted in over 29 enterprises in the last 4 years, 10 enterprises participated in the National RECP Award 2013 and 8 enterprises participated in Regional RECP Award 2014. Silver Ssebagala, Contact person title; Director UCPC Email Address; [email protected] Number; Mobile; 256774647363 Tel; 238/58 View Website Commercial Unitary Enterprise under the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan "Centre of Expertise and Cleaner Production" since 2007. The Centre offers: trainings, in-plant assessments and audit services for companies, water and energy efficiency audits, waste management, consulting services, etc.The Center has worked for over 120 companies from a variety of industrial sectors, has trained more than 40 consultants on RECP methodology.

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The ZNCPC operates as stage gate teams drawing expertise from SIRDC’s 12 technical research institutes.

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