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As the show aired, Helen ranted: 'Nikki Graham in therapy, really?

Can they not just put the f***er to sleep, permanently! 'Soon after the show's broadcast, Nikki took to Twitter to thank fans for their messages of support, writing: 'The amount of beautiful messages I've had in half an hour, thank you, if this can help just one person then it was all worth it.' [sic]She then retweeted a plethora of positive messages, one of which read: 'I love you!

'She was hanging on to my leg and I went out of the door and I saw them pin her down.

that's enciting im done with her #BBUK', 'She has turned herself into a victim by making this about a race thing #BBUK', 'Is Sukhvinder really playing the race card?The tone you are using, you’re calling me a little girl and asking me why I am speaking like a little girl,' Nikki fumed at Mandy.'How is that going to help me feel like I can open up to you?I think I am just going to sit in silence and wait for the session to end.'Nikki, first shot to stardom as a contestant on Big Brother back in 2006 for the seventh series, where she finished in fifth place and found love with her housemate Pete Bennett.Nikki then returned to Big Brother for the tenth anniversary series celebration.She would return again for Ultimate Big Brother where she placed second.

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