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Unlike other Tehillim applications this one will let you \"search\" by keyword the contents of the prayers. You have the option to either browse through the pages or just flip them like a regular book to a specific page or chapter!We will be adding translation in Spanish and French soon! Keywords: torah, israel, tehilim, psalm ========== NEW FEATURE ============ Full moon notification Full Moons are traditionally associated with temporal insomnia, insanity. Very often the Full Moon is also a reason to celebrate Full Moon parties in Asia as well as Europe. ===================================== Clap Clock Brillantis is a two in one - a flashlight and a night clock.It provides you with a fullscreen view of the current time.With always-on feature you can use your i Phone as desk or bedside clock.Keywords: Torah, judaism, prayer book, israel, Chabad.

New members can sign up directly via the app and begin communicating immediately.

Launched as a Yiddish-language daily newspaper on April 22, 1897, the Forward entered the din of New Yorks immigrant press as a defender of trade unionism and moderate, democratic socialism.

The Jewish Daily Forward quickly rose above the crowd, however; under the leadership of its founding editor, the crustily independent Abraham Cahan, the Forward came to be known as the voice of the Jewish immigrant and the conscience of the ghetto.

If you need a flashlight, turn on and off the flashlight simply by clapping your hands.

This clock is free but without options screen where you can set additional features: - nice weekday display - playing hourly chime - showing gloss - quotes of wisdom changing every minute - no ads If you like this free version you can purchase these additional features directly in the application without leaving it.

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