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During Roman-Byzantine era (64 BC to 660 AD), many qanats were constructed in Syria and Jordan.

From here, the technology appears have to diffused north and west into Europe.

There is evidence of Roman qanats as far away as the Luxembourg area.

westward across North Africa and into Cyprus, Sicily, Spain, and the Canary Islands.

In medieval cathedrals the cantor was master of music and chant, but also commonly one of the dignitaries of the chapter.

In the fourteenth century the cantor in many churches began to delegate his instruction of the singers to a master of music.

In a recent exercise, three sites were chosen for renovation; each still had significant quantities of flowing water.

These amazing structures allowed Persian farmers to succeed despite long dry periods when there was no surface water to be had.Cleaning of an ancient qanat is not an easy exercise.Not only is the work technically difficult, but also the social organization associated with a qanat has major implications on its future viability (Wessels, 2000).century BC, the Assyrian king Sargon II reported that during a campaign in Persia he had found an underground system for tapping water.His son, King Sennacherib, applied the "secret" of using underground conduits in building an irrigation system around Nineveh.

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