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He told parents in the congregation who are worried about their kids hearing about sex that they're already hearing about it from other sources.Adding a new discipline to your life takes practice and reinforcement.Young draws from his own experience as a father of three, demonstrating how you can retool your thinking and actions to influence even the youngest of children with the words, attitudes, habits, and responses that will guide them through a hostile world.Young’s brand-new series, Game Changers: Five Keys to Winning at Life, you’ll learn how to surround yourself with the right motivators, keep your eyes on the prize, and stick to God’s game plan for success.Even Christian families find themselves spiraling out of control as their children fall victim to drug and alcohol abuse, promiscuity, and even suicide..Young reveals proven truth that every mother, father, and grandparent can immediately embrace in order to build and strengthen their family.Ed Young as he explains what it means to walk with God – to discover the real purpose and plan for your life – and experience the true success and ultimate fulfillment that God has waiting for each of us.

Envision a place of unlimited joy, unlimited celebration, and unlimited creativity, where your senses will be expanded beyond anything you can imagine.

Following graduation from high school in Laurel, Dr.

Ed Young, Senior Pastor of Second Baptist Church in Houston, Texas.

While most anyone can become a parent, successful parenting eludes many, as evidenced by the ongoing moral erosion of our society and nation.

Not for followers of Christ – true success is found when we walk with God.

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