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You stood up and said, “No, I won’t stay in something that’s a lie.” And that means you have standards. And that’s incredibly valuable for your future partners in life, because you’re clearly humble enough to accept criticism and question yourself.7.

Right.” Your bullshit detector is now iron-clad, and you realize you don’t always have to “stand by your man.” Because a lot of guys don’t deserve to be stood by.

You’ll be less likely to fall for bullshit more able to identify a true heart.9. You know what it’s like to watch love slip away, and you’re more able to keep it from happening again, to have the tough conversations that need to happen.

A female friend of mine got divorced recently, and confessed to me how much she dreaded now having the “divorced” label hanging over her head as she re-entered the dating pool, like some modern day version of the scarlet letter.

That she, too, had failed to make it work, and men would recoil from her in disgust, running for the nearest 20-something as soon as possible. That’s an attractive trait to men looking for a worthy partner.2. You took a swing at love, rather than just playing it safe on the sidelines.

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