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“They’ve given us the freedom as actors to say like, ’no, say it, cause we’re just gonna bleep it later.’ And you’re like, ’great! it makes the performances so much more real.” “By episode six it’s gonna be like , the earlier episodes,” said Mirchoff. ’” As far as the show’s “After Elton-friendly” content is concerned, outside of future gay character Clark (mentioned by Rickards in my earlier interview with her) and the questionable orientation of Jenna’s friend Ming, Mirchoff revealed another intriguing tease near the end of our conversation.“[In] Season 2, Jake comes out of the closet,” he asserted, grinning broadly. (I think.) Of course, Davern couldn’t let it go without a full-circle retort: “Batman is writing Robin’s storylines right now.” Aaaand the gears keep turning.I think Jake kind of…if he wasn’t popular, he’d be fine.” “I think having the cliché with the popular jock who’s only an asshole…it’s like, it’s been done a lot,” said Mirchoff, whose character is presented as less malicious than fundamentally insecure. I don’t know about your guys’ high school experience, but I don’t know if we had someone who was like that, you know?

In a nutshell: he likes her enough to sleep with her at summer camp, but not so much that he’s willing to be seen with her. For one thing, the critics love it – widely praising the series for taking an honest and relatable look at high-school life.

It confuses me why Jenna wants to be with Matty, when Jake is 100x more attractive and NICE. The only two actors in this show who can act well are the mom and Tamara, as well as Sadie (who for some reason is portrayed as being "fat" when she's really not that fat to begin with).

It makes me a bit uncomfortable to be watching what are supposed to be "underage" people (I realize that the actors are not really underage) having/talking about sex, partying/drinking as if they're 30 years old.. Either way, for some reason this show draws me in even though it gets on my nerves.

Narrated in the first-person voice of Jenna's blog posts, AWKWARD. It does have some talking about sex, a couple episodes of smoking pot and a few parties plus the drunk, anemic "adult." It sends out good messages to the kids and I think it's almost a requirement to include uncomfortable issues nowadays. Like something out of the eighties, it portrays high school girls as caring only about boys who may or may not like them. She's as bought into this ridiculousness as anyone.

captures the humor within the struggles and experiences everyone can relate to from their formative years. Has the right amount of fun, conflict and suspense. However, I don't watch this with my 12 year old son.. The main antagonist is perplexing, with inexplicable antagonism brought from her own struggles, maybe? We were assured by friends that the show would get better, but it is treading the most inane waters of its premise. It's actually kinda god awful though when you get down to it; the acting is horrendous. Her lips are constantly parted, she's always got this expression on her face that just makes me wanna smack her...

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I laughed out loud at the "Awkward" predicaments a lot, especially the ones where parents interrupt a critical and private teen moment. Jenna (Ashley Rickards) is a great protagonist whose blog is perfectly witty but lives a very messy and awkward life.

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