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Answers are intended for help and perspective, not as pronouncements of Church doctrine.says, “Dating can help you develop lasting friendships and eventually find an eternal companion” ([2001], 24).Group dating means that everyone in the group is paired up for an activity.Hanging out in a group means that you’re just a group of friends doing things together.This places your friend in the awkward position of being a third wheel on a supposedly accidental date.

So the ultimate goal of dating is to find an eternal companion you can make and keep temple covenants with.The Lord told us very strongly that it was and we scheduled a date right away.We will thank you forever for the service you provide." Patience by Antone Roundy To choose a topic to address in a sacrament meeting talk a few years ago, I went to the chapter of Preach My Gospel that talks about developing Christ-like attributes. “I’ll Go Where You Want Me to Go” by Antone Roundy A little over seven years ago, my wife and I were living with two young children in Orem, Utah.The counsel against dating before you’re 16 is based on principles of physical, emotional, and spiritual safety.Don’t get stuck in the racetrack mentality—“ready, set, date!

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