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It mixes sci-fi trappings with traditional fantasy fare, so you have a smattering of guns and aliens alongside swords and spells.One of the best things about Wizardry 8 is its robust character creation tools.

Pillars of Eternity excels on any number of fronts, but its dialog and vocal performances are among its strongest suits.And while there’s something to that argument, it also ignores the interesting things Titan Quest adds to the formula to create a wholly enjoyable action RPG.Instead of a well-trodden fantasy setting, Titan Quest looks to myths for inspiration.Combat feels like a fluid dance, thanks to the melee, magic, and ranged attacks you can string together with ease.To top it off, the whole thing is rife with humor and charm.

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And when you finish the game, you can make your very own campaign, thanks to a robust level editor.

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