- Viewer full screen title bar is now 700 pixels large (instead of 500) - Version info in initial dialog box viewer - Color info "check driver" in case color is not supported - Removed session switch running as application (disconnect as app RDP) - Text chat display corruption when lot of text was typed: fixed - File transfer temporization is no more used when main viewer window is minimized (= max.speed transfer) - Updated zlib library to v1.2.3 - Changed Modem/Slow profile encoding in Auto mode, from ZRLE to Tight: it should fix the occasional viewer crash over slow connections in auto mode - new: installer with several new options - fix: had some text missing - fix: missing mouse pointer when viewer in background - fix: manually select ports in Admin Properties - fix: black screen problem - fix: active scroll log error - fix: disable Admin properties Available only when Win VNC is run as a service.

When it is successfully completes, it is moved to the original file name -- resume still works too.= 0 ( Vista or XP with fast user switching) *Direct X viewer (tabbed_viewer) compiled with the proper settings -Fix bug where screen froze when file transfer or chat was open.-Close the chat dialog before deleting Text Chat object.Wait for thread to exit before returning from Kill Dialog() -Fixed server crash in Kill All Clients when chat window was open -Suppress duplicate messages about lost communications.-Suppress "File transfer completed" message if there's an error so the error is seen in the history dropdown -autoreconnect fix -unzip32 zip32 now always look in installed folder -Save option permission fix -performance tweak for server-side scaling -Close the chat dialog before deleting Text Chat object.

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