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They are still being produced at the same rate, but what we care about is whether or not they stick around, or more specifically, what conditions favor their retention or loss?

If you look at the age equation you can see the central control, an age you calculate is proportional to the ratio of the daughters to the parents in a given system, Where t is time (the date you want to calculate), D is the number of daughter atoms in a crystal, and P is the number of parent atoms in a crystal.

Think of the numbers in the above figure as being approximate.

Every geochronometer is in reality a thermochronometer, there is always a temperature dependance on the behavior of the daughter product.

The cartoon above demonstrates how slip on domino-style normal faults can lead directly to the transport of rocks closer to the surface and their concomitant cooling.

This style of faulting is common in the Basin and Range Province, and has helped understand the timing of extension throughout the region.

Because it generally gets hotter as you go deeper in Earth, by integrating systems with a range of closure temperatures, it is possible to track the motion of rocks from the deep crust to the surface.

To simplify things, the date you calculate is proportional to the ratio of stable daughter atoms to radioactive parent atoms.

The more time has elapsed, the larger that ratio is.

Each decay system in each mineral has a different closure temperature.

The figure below charts out a few of the more common systems, but there are many more.

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