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So I can get to know who I'm dealing with and they can get to know me.And with my schedule, five dates can take three or four months!It just gives me a chance to get to know the person.” Scott says she’ll have have a date, chat on the phone or Skype with a potential love match to test the waters and to find out “if they’re crazy or not.” In the end, it’s all an effort to make solid decisions without sex interrupting her focus, she says. I'm just trying to look at the mistakes that I made.I got so caught up in the flesh and I’m not even allowing someone to get to know the best parts of me,” Scott explains. At times when performing it live she renders it like an opera, in Spanish or both. Marriage was never presented by her as a destination or a prize.This is to say that Jill Scott has sung about receiving love from a man, and enjoying it, totally. It is, rather, one phase in the unfolding of life — something to enjoy in the present and learn from if it becomes the past.

But with her fun-loving attitude and a sound perspective, it’s no wonder that Niecy loves her mom – and now we do too.I bought that just like I dug it when she sang, "You're here, I'm pleased / I really dig your company" to a dude she just wanted to take a long walk around the park with.People are allowed to change and grow, and Jill has done me the service of bringing me along on her journey.Jill illustrates a love felt "in every way imaginable," from her hair follicle to her toenails.She starts in a coo, transitions into spoken word, and ends in what sounds like a full-on tribal cry. At no time do I ever get the sense that one state of being is better than another.

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