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I also liked The Brotherhood of the Wolf ' Le pacte des loupes" though its probably not the best for the list in hindsite - jabs at the catholic church, prostitution... but The Warrior and the Princess - "Der Krieger und die Kaiserin" is awesome!Before attempting to buy a home after foreclosure, it is important to educate yourself on the necessary steps, and improve your odds of getting approved.Home Mortgage Refinance: Problems That Arise Planning to go for Granada Hills home mortgage refinance or maybe near by?Well, before you do so it is important to know some of the many problems associated with home loan refinance Granada ...Für die Süwag Energie AG schaltet Siemens zunächst drei Batterieschränke des Südkoreanischen Batterieherstellers LG Chem parallel und schließt diese an die speziell für Energiespeicher-Anwendungen optimierten 4Q-IGBT-Umrichter auf der Gleichstromseite an.Die weiterer Batterieschränke ist bereits vorgesehen. Mit dem modularen Energiespeichersystem Siestorage lassen sich auf Basis von Lithium-Ionen-Batterien für jeden Anwendungsfall die passende C-Rate in einem Bereich von c For the Süwag Energie AG order, Siemens will first connect three battery cabinets made by South Korean battery manufacturer LG Chem in parallel and then connect them to the 4Q-IGBT converter specially optimized for energy storage applications on the DC side.

In comparison, Jennifer Lopez looks like snow white!

Both of those movies were key in transforming the Hollywood depiction of aliens from creatures that wanted to destroy us, (i.e.

an invader from outside that wanted to compete for our resources), into magical and wise beings that should be embraced.

Perhaps I should post a poll and let democracy work here, but I find Lopez' appearance consistent with Italian and European Spaniard.

But for the big butt, I would not suspect carribean indian or Negro genes in her. Not sure what they looked like since they are now extinct.) Bottom line, it does not offend my aesthetic sense to have Lopez play a white girl. A few I didn't see that would be good for a WN library are: Ivanhoe (docudrama I think, a 3 hours great peice) Das Boot Gattacca The Wizard of OZ The Keep Dungeons and Dragons (shows how easily a 'democratic' system can be swayed and highjacked by a power hungry madman that lies) What I want for my library and that you may want to add to the list: Ivanhoe Indiana Jones and the lost ark (not the 2nd one but maybe the last crusade) The Keep Henry V Lord of the Rings "Return of the King" Fire and Ice (animated - barely remember it but I think it was good) Lady Hawk Excalibur Heaven and Earth (Japanese but good military tactics and honor) Ran (same as Heaven and Earth) Thundar the Barbarian if it comes out on DVD (animated series) Dungeons and Dragons if it comes out on DVD (animated series) He Man if it comes out on DVD (animated series) Conan the Barbarian Wizards Movies I have: Lord of the Rings "Fellowship of the Ring" normal and extended Lord of the Rings "Two Towers" normal and extended Dragon Slayer Gladiator Black Cauldron Starship Trooper Underworld Reign of Fire Beastmaster Army of Darkness Lord of the Rings (animated) Return of the King (animated Ralph Bakshi) The Hobbit (animated Ralph Bakshi) Bats Werewolf in Paris Eight Legged Freaks Jurassic Park Trilogy Dragonheart The Mummy and the Mummy Returns Mists of Avalon Star Wars Episodes I and II I have a question, there were some great Dinosaur movies in the 70s I think, I watched them as a kid, a submarine goes into the harbor of this Island while its being chased by another sub and the dinosaur had Dinosaurs and cavemen etc. In the book, Ivanhoe falls in love with, a Jewess, daughter of Issac of York, and if I remember correctly, wins her in a tournament. The tournament itself is great, and the rest of the movie is really SAXON oriented, but Ivanhoe's love .............

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