Wmp album art not updating

Other tagging apps rely on all the tracks from the CD being present and in the correct order and often that you know the precise album name - if you mistag in the first place, then having lost the original track order, I find it difficult to recover, other than manually tagging them.

since the Gracenote terms prevented using alternative sources for tag lookup, etc.

It became impossible to submit a song for tags and that even for those who were already checked and filled some weeks ago. As I have a few Pc's, I tried the same on all the others but each gives me the same reply.

I'm also using "Music Brainz Picard" and there I get positive results. On one machine, I used regsvr32 to register the "dll" files but to no avail.

whatever the system used, it's only as good as the information which people put into it and personally i found Gracenote's CDDB lookups very hit and miss (or just people don't care about getting things correct compared to the actual titling on the CD case itself! how Winamp's version will be is still something i'm planning (since we'd been working on a 2015 termination of the Gracenote access, although it's one of the top features we've got to get replaced before a new release is provided anyway).

Picard isn't too bad i find, though it really depends on what has been put in previously (or rather not as seems to be your case).

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This looks very strange and I really need some help or explanation regarding this problem. it looks like the access Winamp had to Gracenote's services has been terminated and is the reason why things have stopped working.

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