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A DNA test is a non-intrusive procedure usually utilizing an oral swab from all parties, which then follows a specific chain of custody process in which the oral swab specimens are sent to a certified and accredited AABB laboratory.

The Laboratory that analyzes the DNA specimen and provides the results. It’s simple, contact Accredited Drug Testing at (800)221-4291, and provide various information including the city you wish to take the DNA test, who will be taking the DNA test, mother, child and alleged father.

It can absolutely determine if the man is not the biological father and reliably exclude him. The DNA testing laboratory used by Genetic Profiles is accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks(AABB)for the purpose of performing paternity (parentage) tests. scientist with several years specializing in DNA genetic testing.

DNA profiling can establish that the alleged father is the child’s biological father with a probability of paternity of 99.99% or higher. The laboratory follows a strict chain-of-custody procedure which allows for court/legal admissibility. Your paternity test will be processed by highly skilled and trained laboratory technicians. How long does it take to receive results from the paternity test?

A DNA test for paternity purposes determines the biological father of a child.

S Embassy located in a foreign country where the other party is located.

Once the DNA collection has occurred at one of our testing centers in the U. S Embassy where the other parties are located, Accredited Drug Testing will ensure that all specimens are sent to the lab for DNA testing and provide the results once the AABB laboratory has analyzed the DNA test.

When administering a DNA test to a child/minor, the legal guardian must be present and provide authorization for the DNA test to be conducted.

The legal guardian can be the mother, father or other natural or court ordered person who has legal decision making authority over the minor child.

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